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Objectives and grounds

The Conference is planned to be a forum of ideas exchange and results discussion in the field of methods, algorithms and means of navigation and motion control systems computer-aided design, methods and algorithms of adaptive, robust and optimal motion control systems synthesis, methods and algorithms of estimation, identification and simulation of the navigation and motion control systems.

Suggested topics

  • Advanced methods of the computer-aided design (CAD) of avionics equipment
  • Navigation systems and sensors CAD
  • Ground navigation equipment CAD
  • On-board computer network systems CAD
  • Aircraft control systems CAD
  • Advanced methods of robust control systems synthesis
  • Aircraft control systems with elements of artificial intellect
  • Hard and soft computing in flight control and navigation systems
  • Adaptive and optimal control systems
  • Methods of the navigation and flight control synthesis for UAV
  • Synthesis of navigation and flight control systems for terrestrial and marine vehicles
  • Methods of state estimation and identification of the moving vehicles (aerial, terrestrial and marine)
  • Methods of Hardware-in-Loop-Simulation (HILS) of the navigation and motion control systems for all kinds of moving vehicles
  • Aviation trainers and simulators
  • Aviation instruments and sensors design,testing and calibration
  • Methods and systems for navigation and flightcontrol equipment testing.