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About conference

The Conference is planned to be a forum of ideas exchange and discussions in the field of methods, algorithms of computer-aided design of UAV (aerodynamics, flying qualities, durability); equipment of UAV data transmission channels; navigation and motion control systems; adaptive, robust and optimal flight control systems; payload, air traffic control, and maintenance technology of UAV.

Suggested topics

  • Advanced methods of the computer-aided design (CAD) of UAV
  • Navigation systems and sensors of UAV
  • Ground navigation equipment of UAV
  • Aerodynamics of UAV
  • Flying qualities of UAV
  • Durability of UAV
  • Navigation and motion control systems of UAV
  • Adaptive, robust and optimal flight control systems
  • Data transmission channels
  • Payload of UAV
  • Air traffic Control
  • Methods and systems of the navigation and flight control equipment testing
  • Maintenance technology of UAV


The scientific program of the 2nd International Conference «Actual Problems of Unmanned Air Vehicles Developments» (APUAVD-2013) consists of invited lectures and contributed oral presentations. Poster session will be organized, if the number of accepted papers exceeds capacity of rented rooms.


All contributions presented in oral and poster sessions will be published in the Conference Proceedings and CD. The Proceedings will be prepared directly from the papers supplied by authors, therefore careful preparation in accordance with the instructions is required.

Because of planned IEEE Xplore publication, all the authors are requested to fill in the IEEE Copyright form and submit it together with the paper.

Technical Program Committee

TPC Chair

Professor Victor Sineglazov,
IEEE Senior Member – National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine

TPC Co-Chairs

Professor Anatol Tunik,
IEEE Senior Member – National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine


Dr. Igor Chelpanov, Professor of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia

Dr. Sergey Lyshevsky, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, USA

Dr. George T. Schmidt, IEEE Fellow – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA

Dr. Alexandros Smerlas, European Aviation Safety Agency, Germany

Dr. Andrew Soloviev, University of Florida, USA

Prof. Felix Yanovsky, PhD, DSc, IEEE Fellow – National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine

Prof. Alexander Zbrutsky, National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI), Ukraine

Prof. Anatoly Kulik, National aerospace university named after N.Y. Zhukovsky "KhAI", Ukraine

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